We are truly proud of introducing our new feature: Rug Pool Halls. In ClashDome we believe in NFT gaming accessible to everyone and with these NFTs we’re expanding, even more, the ClashDome experience.

5 min readJul 14, 2022

Last year, we published our first utility NFT sale within the campaign of the Endless Siege Lands, and now it’s time to offer a new opportunity for more players to join ClashDome’s Tokenomics. Our Pool Halls work very similar to ES Lands, meaning that you’ll be able to play on your own Hall and also earn passively while other ClashDome Citizens are playing in your Pool Halls.

We’ll release the Pool Halls in two sales (Monday 18th and Wednesday 20th of July — 5 p.m. UTC). The Pool Hall packs will contain one Rug Pool Hall from a set of 4 different rarities (Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary). These NFTs have a 3 facet utility: cosmetic item, active earning as a player and passive earning as an owner.

The 10 Pool Halls grouped by rarity.

MONDAY 18th 5 p.m. UTC
Available Packs: 85
Price: 8,500 LUDIO
Limit per buyer: 2 packs
Whitelist requirements: Owning an Early Access NFT (+INFO)

WEDNESDAY 20th 5 p.m. UTC
Available Packs: 885
Price: 35 US$(equivalent in WAX)
Limit per buyer: 3 packs, 1 minute cooldown
Whitelist requirements: Owning a ClashDome NFT, having played ClashDome’s games, or having ClashDome’s NFTs staked in the platform.

Total number of packs: 1,000
Packs set aside for team: 10
Packs set aside for promotions: 20
Rarity drop rates: Common 48%, Rare 30%, Epic 16%, Legendary 6%
Pool Hall variants: Common: 4 different Halls, Rare: 3 Halls, Epic: 2 Halls, Legendary: 1 Hall.

From the bottom to the top

While Endless Siege Lands were based on a dark and morally questionable pact with Necromancers, Rug Pool Halls takes inspiration from some of the most iconic billiard tropes. From the gloomiest den to the place where the world order is settled, you can now own those unique tables and earn LUDIO every time a Rug Pool match is played on your Hall.

From dumpy halls to the oval office. How lucky will you get when you unpack your Hall?

Each Pool Hall has its own special atmosphere and can be classified into one of the 4 groups according to its rarity and drop chances. These rarities are Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary, and the daily LUDIO generated will be according to the Hall rarity.

Distribution rates based on rarity and current number of Rug Pool Duels played.

Token generation — exchange rate

During a Rug Pool Duel, players will be matched against a random rival, competing to score as many points as possible. They will play randomly in one of the 10 different Halls in the game. Duel winners will earn a fixed amount of LUDIO, but you as a Hall owner will get LUDIO every time someone pockets a ball in your Pool Hall. The total amount of LUDIO collected after each Duel will be split among all the Hall co-owners (Common — 120 co-owners, Rare — 100 co-owners, Epic — 80 co-owners, Legendary — 60 co-owners).

Here are some estimations based on the average data of the last weeks. Currently, an average of 250 duels are played per day, a total of 500 games. On average 12.5 balls are sunk per game, 6,250 balls per day. In the first stage, the ratio of Balls/LUDIO will be 1 Ball = 5 LUDIO. This ratio will be maintained until we reach the mark of 15,000 daily balls. After that, the ratio will be adjusted so the emission rate of token keeps a sustainable pace.

Pool Halls Management

Owners will be able to open their packs, claim their earnings and play at their Halls in GAMES > RUG POOL > HALL MANAGEMENT section (LINK HERE)

Right next to each owned hall, you can see the number of balls pocketed on that Hall since the last claim, as well as their equivalent in LUDIO. This amount of collected balls are tied to the NFT, so lands can be traded along with their uncollected balls if they weren’t claimed yet.

Play on your Halls even if you don’t own a ClashDome Citizen yet

As a relevant note, all Pool Hall owners will be able to play actively on their Halls even if they don’t own a ClashDome Citizen. If you try to play your Hall and haven’t staked a Citizen yet, you will get a non-transferable Trial Dummy so you can try the Free Tier mode in all our games. Dummies can earn LUDIO for their won Duels, but to withdraw those earnings you will have to embrace the ClashDome citizenship, overwriting the dummy with a ClashDome Citizen.
*To claim the LUDIO stored in the Halls having a Citizen or a Dummy is not mandatory.

Dummies can play limitlessly on the WAX Tiers and up to a certain Ludio limit on the Free Tier.

In the coming weeks we will work in getting our Tournaments back so Pool Hall owners and Endless Siege Land owners will be able to use their NFTs to host these events, but that’s another story for another time.

We worked very hard to bring you this incredible feature, so we hope you enjoy the Pool Halls just as much as we’ve enjoyed building them!

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