Get your Early Access pass to try out our new games before they are released. Play them for free and collect Ludio in the process!

2 min readJul 19, 2021

This Early Access pass NFT will be the first one sold using our native token LUDIO. The sales will take place on our portal and 500 whitelisted accounts will have access to the supply of 250 NFTs.

By owning this NFT you will have access to our new games or game modes for free during the Alpha stage while the testing and balancing takes place. During this time the games will have no entry fees and yet they will mine LUDIO for the winners. This Early Access pass will also allow its holders to become familiar with the game mechanics before the rest of players. Finally, it will be the access to every future whitelisted sale we celebrate.

The total supply of these NFTs will be 300 mints, so 50 of them will be hold aside to be rewarded in future competitions to our contestants.

Total NFTs on sale: 250
NFTs held as rewards for future competitions: 50
Price: 5,000 LUDIO ⚔️
Whitelisted accounts: 500
Snapshot taken on: Wednesday 21st July — 5p.m. CEST (8 a.m. PST)
Sale starts at: Thursday 22nd July — 6 p.m. CEST (9 a.m. PST)
Shop link: www.clashdome.io/shop


We want to keep all those flipper bots out of this sale, that’s why we are making a whitelist with 500 accounts, with 250 NFTs available and just one possible purchase per account. There will be three different ways to get whitelisted.

  1. Since Templok Duels will be the first of our games to be accesible with the Early Access pass, all the holders of Templok: Early Birds at the moment when the snapshot takes place, will be automatically whitelisted. The number of whitelisted accounts will be equal or less than 100, since there are just 100 mints of Templok: Early Birds.
  2. From all the holders of Endless Siege Duels lands we will pick a maximum of 200 different accounts, ordered by the number of played matches in ClashDome, Duels or Tournaments during the last week (when the snapshot takes place). The accounts that were already featured in the previous list (of Templok Memorial NFT) will be removed from this group to make more room for active landlords.
  3. From a list with our most active players during the last week we will pick the remaining accounts until we complete the list with 500 accounts. Again, the accounts that were already featured in the previous lists (Templok and landlords) will be removed to include more players.

The remaining unsold NFTs we might keep by Monday 26th will be offered on open sale (10 minutes cooldown).