ClashDome Citizen NFTs will be released in the next weeks and will be a pivotal piece of the portal.

Earning a wage from your gaming activities feels like being a pioneer of an unstoppable trend. How will things look when this kind of income becomes a solid pillar of modern societies? ClashDome represents exactly that, the future ludocratic society where everything revolves around gaming. There’s a 0% unemployment when everyone’s a Token Miner! And now you can get a glimpse of the future by becoming a ClashDome Citizen too.

There‘s a fair chance that your grandchildren might look exactly like your avatar!


These Citizen NFTs will play a relevant role in our portal, as they will participate in some of the upcoming games including ClashDome Grinders (temporary naming), our most immediate game release, where you’ll be able to play ClashDome Duels for free and earn tokens in the process. We will make more info available about Grinders before the Citizens’ drop.

ClashDome players that don’t have the Citizen NFT will be able to keep playing our games as always: picking a game and dueling against other players. While becoming a Citizen won’t be mandatory to play in ClashDome, you will see our games from a new perspective, making things cooler, more profitable and engaging.

John Does are welcome. It’s just that they’ll insta-lose the charm competition against our adorable Citizens.

In order to enter in the new format of Tournaments, players should use a (one time) Tourney Pass, which will be dropped randomly among Citizens that play ClashDome Duels. There’ll be some luck factors that will impact the chances of receiving a Tourney Pass, such as the Citizen’s breed. The rewards for the Tournament’s top players will be tokens, new utility NFTs, and Breeding Duel passes.

Breeding Duels passes will be your entry to the most exclusive kind of Duel. Both rivals will share their genetic pool and compete for their offspring. You heard right. What’s at stake in this Duel is the child of both rivals. The winner will receive a new Amnio-Tank, so the circle of life at ClashDome never stops.

The changes of format (Free tier, New Tournaments and Breeding Duels) will be gradually introduced during the month of November at ClashDome.


Generative Avatars (random-looking and unique avatars) have been part of the crypto scene since the early days of CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks but in the last months they have become an overused trend. This is not the typical avatar project…

An astonishing feature about Citizens is getting to use your avatars in our games and seeing them come to life.

A REVOLUTIONARY FEATURE is you will actually be able to fully customize them before minting the NFT. This dynamic, customizable minting is one of a kind. A historical milestone in the young history of NFTs. So just forget about getting pre-minted random looking fellas from your pack.

Get your Amnio-Tank, customize your pre-cooked fetus, fast-forward the aging process, and there you go! Your grown-up citizen at working age. I mean… at playing age.
Your Citizen will be unlike any other, since no one else will be able to pick the exact same traits. You always knew you were a beautiful unique snowflake, didn’t you?


In ClashDome, just like in any other perfect society, we are all equal. It’s just that some are more equal than others.
ClashDome Citizens come in 3 different flavors, each one with their own rarity and not just cosmetic privileges. The full extent of these privileges will be evident as ClashDome Grinders is properly introduced in the next weeks.


They are the most popular kind of Citizens.
Being able to customize a fetus is a remarkable prowess per se. That doesn’t mean that the most humble social classes get to pick their kids’ traits from a wide variety menu.

Initial sale: 2,400 amnio-tanks.


A rarer breed of higher class Citizens. Thanks to advanced eugenic services their appearance can be widely customized. Our state-of-the-art technology can induce cool hairstyles even from a fetal stage!

Initial sale: 1,200 amnio-tanks.


The top class Citizen. They’re bound for greatness and thanks to advanced eugenic customization they’ll always pop out.
Hi-Clones can be thoroughly customized, getting access to a full palette of traits and exclusive colors.

Initial sale: 400 amnio-tanks.


In the next weeks ClashDome we’ll go through an expansion stage as we start the sale of the Citizens’ Genesis Generation, publish ClashDome “Grinders”, implement the free to play tier and start promoting the portal. As ClashDome keeps growing, having more generations of Citizens will become necessary. The prerogative of the Genesis Generation will be making more room for new players by breeding additional Citizens. The breeding system will be released a few weeks after ClashDome Grinders has been published.

Hey Token-Miner, are you ready for love? Are you ready to engage in a Breeding Duel?


For the sake of brevity, the details of the sale will be published in an independent article, covering details about the prices, whitelisting process, sale dates, and minting (unpacking) schedule.

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