Participating in a ruthless competition will please our more ambitious players and yet, even casual players will benefit from our Ranking system.

4 min readMar 18, 2022

Genuine engagement is one of the most important factors that can help a play-to-earn game being sustainable in the long run. Having fun to play games is key, but so is building a strong community bond via social features. Global Rankings are our first solid step towards that goal.

🏆 Weekly Competition Ranking

Over the course of a week (starting on Monday) we’ll have a competition to determine the ranking of ClashDome’s most active and skillful players. The score will be calculated by checking how good ClashDome Citizens are at playing all our games.

By the start of a new competition the scores will be reset. But it will be easy to catch up and get back to a pretty decent score after a few spare matches. Competition-wise wether if you play on Free tier or on WAX tiers will make no difference.

We will have two kinds of rewards for our contestants. One of the boosters for ranking up will be immediate: applying a multiplier to the Credits you earn by winning matches on the Free tier. The other kind of reward will consist on limited edition vanity NFTs to decorate your apartment. The better you play, the groovier your apartment will look.

🧮 Scoring System

Your Global Ranking score will reset weekly. On each new competition we’ll sum your scores for each game we have on the portal.

Each game’s score will be calculated with this formula:

  • Win Rate: the percentage of victories you got during the current week.
    Duels won in the WAX Tiers will count double, since they are a much competitive tier.
  • Statistical Representativeness. The max value is 1. If you have played less than 20 matches to a particular game, then this value will be X/20 being X the number of matches played.
    E.g. You have played and won 1 game of Candy Fiesta. You will have a 100% winning rate, but we’ll apply a correction factor of x0.05 (1/20). So instead of scoring 100 you’ll just get 5 points from that victory.
  • Game Weight. We don’t want to force you playing the games you don’t like, so we will assign more points to the games you play the most. The game with most plays will be multiplied X36, then X29, x21 and x14 for the game you play less. This factor will be adjusted as we keep adding more games to the portal.

💸 Rewards: Grinding Multiplier

If you start in the lower ranks of the scoreboard you’ll grind the basic amount of Credits for every victory you get, but as you start climbing, a multiplier to your rewards will be applied. The higher you go, the higher the rewards you will get for each victory you get.

Instead of having a final reward at the end of the competition, with this reward multiplier mechanic we encourage a more constant involvement with the competition. You will be in direct charge of how much you actually juice out of each higher multiplier you’ll get.

🖼 Rewards: Bragging Rights Vanities

By Bragging Rights vanities we mean decoration objects you can use to customize your apartment and give it a unique look and show off how good of a player you are or how big your wallet is.
These rewards will be issued by the end of a competition and each week we’ll give away two objects of different rarities:

  • Common Atrezzo NFTs (200 Mints)
  • Rare Ornament NFTs (100 mints)
  • Exquisite Relic NFTs (50 mints)
  • Elite Artifact NFTs (10 mints)
Build your virtual Man Cave or She Shed or your dreams.

These NFT rewards will be available in later editions of the Global Ranking competition and the eventual details are yet subject to a final adjustment.

🤼‍♀️ Coming soon: Challenges

As part of this Ranking system, players will have the chance of challenging other players. If used strategically this could mean a big help ranking up and outperforming your immediate rivals. Challenges won’t be part of the first iteration of rankings but will be addressed immediately.

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