In the new structure of ClashDome the player’s profile will play a central role, unlocking a new layer of social features.

In this section you will be able to keep track of your performance and progress in games. Are you curious about some other player’s level? Feel free to spy his profile and be aware of the kind of rival you just confronted.

Your games achievements, performance stats, LUDIO and WAX claiming will eventually be all in one place. The first iteration of the player’s profile will include some stats and achievements’ progress. Later on we will add more social features, and some of them will need small amounts of LUDIO to be used.
The players’ profile will be the cornerstone for all the new social features to come, but you can take it a step further and reach Level 2.

You know we will always welcome guest players, but why don’t you make yourself at home? Embrace the ClashDome citizenship and extend your players’ profile and improve the set of available features on our portal.

While everyone will be able to play as a guest, get their achievements cards, earn WAX and have a player profile to keep track of their performance and progress, just the ClashDome citizenship will get you access to an exclusive suite of features:

  • Free to play Duels. No entry fees requested.
  • Earn Ludio via ClashDome “Grinders”.
  • Tournament Passes* (NFTs) will be randomly dropped based on your Duels activity.
  • Breeding Duels invitations* (NFTs) dropped on Tournaments.
  • Get access to exclusive sales.
  • More features will be added in the future.

*These two features will be properly detailed in future articles.

You must be aware of the avatar NFT craze there’s going on in the crypto scene. Single mint avatar NFTs that guarantee yours is a unique piece.

Some of the successful NFT avatar projects that came out recently.

First there were the Cryptopunks and Cryptokitties, and later on, Bored Apes Yatch Club recovered the trend and made it go wild. Crypto penguins, bulls, orcs, dogs… all sorts of avatars, oh well… and now our own copycat!
Getting your avatar will be the way to adopt the ClashDome citizenship and unlock all those features.

Wait! We can add some value to NFT avatars, just keep reading.
It’s been enough of just showing the busts of characters. We’ll have full bodies!😜 All this avatar craze in the end is about showing off, right? So now you’ll be able to even show off your character’s unique sneakers and socks.

Behold the citizens that populate The Dome.

It would also be cool to animate them, right? But not like in having a gif as a fancy alternative to a jpeg. More like giving bones to the characters, and make them breathe. And now that they are animated puppets, it would be stupid not to use them on our games, right? Thanks to the combination of Spine (animation tool) and our game engine Phaser, you’ll be able to use your character not just as an avatar in your player’s profile but also in some of our future games.

Whoa! You got some sweet tentacular moves, honey!

All sorts of details about the ClashDome Citizen Avatars, their utility, sales and generation can be consulted in this article.
This will be one of our most immediate priorities. We’ll keep you informed about the progress.



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