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It was just about time for our team to take one step forward in our transition from videogame studio to cryptogame studio. In this process of embracing a tokenomics model, minting our own token was the most basic milestone. So this is as well how we initiate our official roadmap log on Medium, with the announcement of LUDIO, the ClashDome token.

Constituted as an EOSIO token, LUDIO has a maximum supply of 10 billion (10,000,000,000) tokens. You can consult its current distribution here:

LUDIO will be earned, distributed and consumed in different points of the ClashDome portal and social networks.


Here’s the immediate earning and spending points for ClashDome’s Token LUDIO as well as future uses.


  • ClashDome’s Duels players:
    As a temporary distribution mechanism and to promote the Duels game mode, LUDIO will be obtainable for Duels players, following a rate of 5 LUDIO for the Duel loser and 10 LUDIO for the winner.
    This rate will be modified in order to modulate the portal dynamics.
  • Collaborators:
    ClashDome community members that help in testing and Quality Assurance tasks will be rewarded with discretionary LUDIO amounts in recognition for their tasks. The amount will be proportional to the support provided.


Tournament Tactical Boosters
Players of tournaments will have the chance to give their score a small boost by the mid-late game. These boosters are not meant to be used by default, but in a punctual and strategic way. Boosters won’t help players to rank up systematically to winning positions on the scoreboard, but could work as a tie-break for higher positions of the scoreboard.
These boosters will be deployed progressively in ClashDome’s games in the following weeks.


Tournament Tactical Boosters

There’s an intended flow of LUDIO from Duels game mode (earn) to Tournament game mode (spend). The consumable booster item for Candy Fiesta’s tournaments will be deployed immediately, since its Duel game mode is already active.
As we implement Duels mode in the rest of games, the boosters for their respective Tournament modes will be added as well.

NFT Upgrading mechanics

Future NFT-related game mechanics will require LUDIO as a fuel to enable upgrading.

Other scenarios:

  • Alternate entry fee currency for games and competitions.
  • Staking rewards.
  • Governance.
  • Limited edition NFT sales.


Player Rewards

2,500,000,000 LUDIO (25% of the total) will be allocated in this pool to grant rewards for active players. These will be typically issued to individual players for specific actions.
Examples of rewarded actions:

  • Participation in Duels.
  • Loyalty/activity points awarded periodically:
  • Play time.
  • Leveling mechanics.
  • Account history (activity in the past week).
  • Quests and achievements.


2,000,000,000 LUDIO (20% of the total) will be set aside in a discretionary pool to be distributed in community events (that involve several players).

Examples of community :

  • Tournament prices.
  • Happy hour events (token production boost) .
  • Mining/Idle games (rewards allocated and distributed periodically from community pots).
  • Referral programs.

Development & Collaborators

2,200,000,000 LUDIO (22% of the total) will be held as a means to finance the ClashDome portal and ongoing game development. Examples:

  • Game development.
  • Portal front and back-end expenses.
  • Server costs.
  • Blockchain associated costs (RAM and NET usage and NFT minting).
  • Beta testing services.
  • Consulting tasks.

Black Swan Pool (expect the unexpected)

1,7500,000,000 LUDIO (17% of the total) will be stored aside in this safety-net pool. The blockchain and crypto environment is changing at an unprecedented pace. The tokenomics system is at its early days and events out of control can have collateral effects on our project. This pool will ensure capacity of reaction and flexibility for both unexpected events and opportunities.

ClashDome Foundation

1,200,000,000 LUDIO (12% of the total) are destined to finance future ventures and side projects.


400,000,000 LUDIO (4% of the total) are reserved for marketing purposes. Examples:

  • Promotional events on Social networks.
  • Advertising campaigns.
  • Affiliate network.


LUDIO holders will be able to convert it to other tokens. In a first stage it will be listed on Alcor exchange. Other exchange platforms will be considered in the future.

As a final waiver of responsibility, LUDIO is not meant to be viewed as an investment or speculative asset. While the token may have value in game or for collectors, it could be affected by ClashDome’s popularity. Please follow your own independent advice if you decide to hold LUDIO as a form of investment on a speculative basis.






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