Get your Citizen NFT and join ClashDome’s arcades P&E (Play & Earn). Play our games for free and earn 3 different tokens.

6 min readDec 3, 2021


Until now you could play casual games in ClashDome against other players by paying an entry fee and earning the double amount if you were the winner. From now on, all those who have a ClashDome Citizen won’t have to risk losing their WAX anymore.

Once you stake your ClashDome Citizen you will get access to the Citizen’s cubicle (AKA Mining HUB). That space will be your Citizen’s base of operations, where he’ll earn a wage by playing games in exchange for Ludio, have a well balanced diet of energy drinks or charge up batteries with the help of a Treadmill Dynamo. No time to get bored!


CITIZENS — They’re mandatory to play games for free and participate in the p&e mining game.
AREA SLOTS — They’re used to increase the capacity of your apartment. You start with 2 slots available for Mining Tools and you can increase the number up to 6.
MINING TOOLS — They’re used to collect Carbz (Carbz Vending Machines) or generate Jigowatts (Treadmill Dynamos) by claiming once in a while.
HOLO-PIGGY WALLETS — They contain the Ludio you earn by playing and winning ClashDome Arcade games.


💧 CARBZ (as in carbohydrates): Regular meals are a thing of the past. This energy drink is all a ClashDome Citizen needs to keep alive and kicking.
500,000,000 CDCARBZ Max supply.

⚔️ LUDIO: when Citizens play the arcade games and win matches they earn Ludio which is stored in Holo-Piggy Wallets. 10,000,000,000 LUDIO Max supply.

️⚡ JIGOWATTS: Energy is scarce and there’s no better way to ensure your supply than by generating it by yourself running on a Treadmill Dynamo.
750,000,000 CDJIGO Max supply.


The ClashDome Citizenship is the easiest one to get. You can either buy a Citizen from Atomic Hub or get an Amnio-Tank so you can fully customize your appearance (see it in action here). Visit to start editing your other self’s look.

Go to the HUB section. Stake your Citizen in the area below the empty apartment. The apartment space includes by default the simplest model of Holo-Piggy Wallet and 2 slots for different types of mining tools. Treadmill Dynamos will be on the right and Carbz Vending Machines on the left side. You can increase the amount of slots for Mining Tools up to 3 for Carbz tools and 3 for Jigowatts tools (6 mining tool slots in total) by staking additional Area Slots.

The 3 main areas in your apartment, each one related to the 3 different tokens.


Each time you play Duels against other players and get a higher score than theirs you will earn Ludio. Your Ludio will get accumulated in your Holo-Piggy Wallet. When you Claim the Ludio and the system validates your Citizen’s ID, you will receive the Ludio into your wallet. The 2 factor authentication method got obsolete, so these wallets verify the Citizens’ ID reading their biometric patterns while the Citizens perform an unlocking zesty choreography.

Remember to Claim your winnings before the Piggy-Wallet reaches its maximum capacity or those games won’t reward you with Credits. Higher quality Piggy Wallets like Holo-Piggy Zen Wallet and Holo-Piggy Cryo Wallet allow you overfilling them, which means they can go beyond the original 100% capacity.


You can earn Carbz and Jigowatts by staking the proper NFT mining tools. There are no special skills involved, just clicking once in a while. The higher the tier of your equipment the less demanding it will be thanks to longer cool-downs.


Carbz Vending Machines, Holo-Piggy Wallets and Treadmill Dynamos lose some properties due to the continuous use.

Batteries get discharged, mechanical junctions get overworked losing Integrity and the Carbz load decreases. Citizens will lose Stamina by running on the Treadmill. Performing the complex unlock patterns to Claim your Credits will also consume points of your Citizen’s Stamina, no matter the amount of Credits contained in the Piggy.

When Batteries, Load, Integrity or Stamina reach low values you’ll have to restore them before the next use.

The 3 tools will produce one kind of token and will need repairs using small amounts of the other 2 tokens.


You can your mining tools and Holo-Piggy Wallets using Ludio and Jigowatts. Area slots, which are used to increase your apartment’s size to store more tools are crafted using Ludio, Jigowatts AND Carbz. Check all the tools stats in this spreadsheet.
You will find the Crafting section beneath your Citizen’s apartment.


At any moment you can try your luck at GigaSwap and wager your ClashDome tokens.

GigaSwap ATMs are one of a kind. Imagine your regular ATM, now add a quick player versus player Rock-Paper-Scissors Duel. If you win you get twice the amount you were wagering. If you lose, your tokens will be burnt. That’s right, a deflationary mechanic. Burnt from the supply pool. Gone forever and thus increasing the token scarcity. It’s a Win-Win scenario!


Since Citizens and the mining equipment can get degraded after some use, we are technically forced to ask you to stake them so all the NFTs that reach the secondary market are at always at their full capacity. Here’s what you need to do before unstaking your NFTs:

  • Citizen: Restore the Stamina level and Recharge your Holo-Piggy Wallet’s Battery at full capacity.
  • Zen or Cryo Holo-Piggy Wallets: Recharge your Holo-Piggy Wallet’s Battery at full capacity.
  • Carbz Vending Machines: Refill them at full Load and Recharge their Batteries at full capacity.
  • Treadmill Dynamos: Repair them at full Integrity.
  • Area Slots: Remove them by unstaking all the equipment they contain.


The Mining HUB section is also the space where you can find the Weekly Ranking Competition: Each week we’ll have a competition to determine who are the top ClashDome Players, with rewards in Ludio and NFTs. More info here.

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