At ClashDome we keep adding new games regularly. Our portfolio offers games that appeal different kinds of audiences, and pool feels like the perfect complement.

2 min readJun 1, 2022

Introducing Rug Pool

In our way towards building a solid and sustainable blockchain gaming platform we keep increasing our portfolio of Play-and-Earn games. Today we introduce you our latest addition: Rug Pool, so grab your pool cue and let’s play!

Unless you are a crypto-hustler yourself, this might be the first time you will enjoy being part of a “rug pool”.

Let your cue work its magic!

Rug Pool is a pool game developed in-house by the ClashDome game dev studio. After a month in Beta Testing stage, with the help of our testers we have improved the game mechanics and the result is a super engaging pool game with some unique features like the Bonus build-up.

The cheeky retro atmosphere and realistic physics will make you feel immersed in the gameplay. And speaking of immersion and engagement, Rug Pool is our first game that makes use of NFTs to improve the user experience. You will be able to customize your cue with cosmetic NFTs, and the most exclusive cues will have some aiming extra help.

Rug Pool will also feature two different earning methods: active and passive. Like the rest of our games, in Rug Pool you can earn by playing duel matches in the tier you choose. Our fair matchmaking will pair you with an opponent with similar skills and the same initial pool rack distribution. Every time you outscore your rivals and win the duel you will be rewarded with $Ludio or WAXP depending on the Tier you are playing.

The unusual shape of our racks will ensure each match feels challenging and different.

Even if pool isn’t much your thing you can still earn with Rug Pool. We’re preparing the drop of different Pool Hall NFTs that will enable passive earnings. Every time a player visits your pool hall and sinks some balls you’ll get a reward in $Ludio. And thanks to a recent feature in our portal, you will be able to visit and play in your own Pool Halls as a player, which means earning twice! Pool Halls will be available soon so stay tuned for more info.

We hope you enjoy this fun pool game as much as we enjoyed building it. Let’s Play and Earn!

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