We are truly proud of introducing our new feature: Rug Pool Halls. In ClashDome we believe in NFT gaming accessible to everyone and with these NFTs we’re expanding, even more, the ClashDome experience.

The 10 Pool Halls grouped by rarity.

MONDAY 18th 5 p.m. UTC
Available Packs: 85
Price: 8,500 LUDIO
Limit per buyer: 2 packs
Whitelist requirements: Owning an Early Access NFT (+INFO)

WEDNESDAY 20th 5 p.m. UTC
Available Packs: 885
Price: 35 US$(equivalent in WAX)
Limit per buyer: 3 packs, 1 minute cooldown
Whitelist requirements: Owning a ClashDome NFT, having played ClashDome’s games, or having ClashDome’s NFTs staked in the platform.

Total number of packs: 1,000
Packs set aside for team: 10
Packs set aside for promotions: 20
Rarity drop rates: Common 48%, Rare 30%, Epic 16%, Legendary 6%
Pool Hall variants: Common: 4 different Halls, Rare: 3 Halls, Epic: 2 Halls, Legendary: 1 Hall.

From dumpy halls to the oval office. How lucky will you get when you unpack your Hall?
Distribution rates based on rarity and current number of Rug Pool Duels played.
Dummies can play limitlessly on the WAX Tiers and up to a certain Ludio limit on the Free Tier.



Competitive casual games on the WAX blockchain.

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