During the past Quarter ClashDome released a new game, a new SHOP section, we had a big NFT sale and much more… The following article covers the challenges and our goals for Q3.

5 min readAug 22, 2022

After the milestones achieved on Q1 and Q2, the third quarter will be focused on three fundamental areas: social features, tokenomics growth and improvement of the games’ fairness.

One of our portal's strongest aspects is connecting people who enjoy casual games. We have built a solid and sustainable platform and now it’s time to dress it up with more social features, and in doing so, empowering our community of players.

Citizens Apartments: the nesting instinct during NFT times

“What kind of dining set defines me as a person?” I had it all. Even the glass dishes with tiny bubbles and imperfections, proof they were crafted by the honest, simple, hard-working indigenous peoples of wherever.” — Fight Club

“My apartment is filled with the most exquisite stuff. If only I had friendos to show it off…”

We’ve already implemented a few social features such as the weekly competition ranking or the profile edition. During Q2 we started implementing the apartment customization with our NFT decoration items. In order to have a sooner release we are deploying the new content by batches:

  • First we released items that were automatically positioned, such as posters and then the Arcade parts (marquee, sides and panel).
  • With the help of a decoration NFT, Citizens will be able to edit the color of their apartments floor and walls. This NFT will be craftable with Ludio in the Shop section.
  • The free positioning mode will be activated allowing Citizens to mess around with the location of their decoration.
  • More complex objects will be released gradually.
  • Some particular items will also play a role during your matches. Not in a way that they give you a big advantage against rivals, but just convenient assistance. E.g. A Maneki Neko figurine on your apartment will help you during the Candy Fiesta Duels highlighting all the possible candy combinations.

So far the customization of apartments has been quite gradual, but soon we’ll give it a boost with the release of a pack containing a few decorative items. This way our apartments will finally look as unique as the Citizen who lives in it.

Bring your friendos over to ClashDome!

Playing with friends has always been one of the more requested features. Soon you’ll be able to invite your friendos and challenge them to Duels.

To avoid abusive Ludio-grinding patterns, challenges with friends will only be possible in the format of our (now disappeared) WAX Duels, so both you and your Friendo will pay an entry fee in WAX (or Ludio) and the winner will earn the double of that amount in WAX (minus a 5% fee for the portal).

Friendo Challenges are just part of something bigger. Some of the components to host Player versus Player challenges are shared with Tournaments, so once the PvP Challenges are published, we will keep expanding their utility. This is the progression of the new features that will keep us busy until 4Q:



In this quarter, we will improve our tokens’ utility and offer additional earning options for our players.

Some of the features we plan to develop during Q3 are:

  • A new web section called EXCHANGE where you’ll be able to swap our tokens without having to go to an external exchange. We will be using WAX’s most famous decentralized exchange’s API (Alcor) to swap the tokens from their Liquidity Pools and fetch updated currency values.
  • CPU Boost available for LUDIO instead of WAXP.
  • Enabling LUDIO as a payment for Tactical Boosters and entry fees in Friendo Challenges with WAX rewards.
  • EARN program in the Exchange section where players will be able to stake their tokens and receive a reward for it.
  • Interoperability with other projects’ tokens as payment currencies in ClashDome.

With features like these we aim to provide more stability and utilities to our set of tokens. Only with solid tokenomics we can aspire to build a platform with a sustainable growth.

Flagging, isolation and penalties for dishonest users

The last area we’re focusing on this quarter is improving our in-game mechanics and making the portal more resilient to abusive players.

“This dude is messing up the experience for everyone. Let’s hit him where it hurts the most. His NFT portfolio”

ClashDome has already undergone through several security updates, and with the help of our community feedback we have prepared this new batch of measures. Here are some of the features we are currently preparing:

  • An improved matchmaking system in all of our games. This will bring even fairer duels between players and avoid abusive gaming patterns.
  • System improvements to discourage multi-account users.
  • Measures against abusive users that put at risk the fair distribution of tokens or that use dishonest strategies in Duels against other players. These measures will include temporary and definitive bans and witholding of the staked NFTs.
  • Our Terms and Conditions have been consequently updated to reflect the current, more drastic measures.

New game in development

Last but not least, we already started working on our 6th game. We picked a well stablished and popular game mechanic to ease the development of the first playable demo while the focus is set on the role NFTs will play and the tokenomic dynamics.

The more screens you use, the better your code will be.

Due to its technical complexity this new game won’t be ready by the end of Q3. The prototyping phase and early art tests will be addressed during this quarter and we will keep our community updated with any relevant progress we make.

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Keep it rocking, friendos!