Besides our constant improvement of the portal features, this Quarter is specially focused on these two big projects.

3 min readFeb 8, 2023


We’re glad to announce we are collaborating with Alien Worlds. Putting our tools and games at the service of AW’s Syndicates and players we will contribute to expand the utilities of Trilium and we’ll get some exposure for ClashDome too.

As you may already know, each Alien World’s planet is ruled by a Syndicate DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The Custodians of Neri’s Syndicate hired our services to develop a Tournament manager that will be used to host periodical tournaments with TLM prize pots. In the next weeks we’ll finish developing and testing the tournament platform so we can enjoy the competitions during this first Quarter of the year.

Players from every corner of the WAXverse will flock to Neri’s Tournaments for a shot at getting their hands on some serious stash of Trilium. Hosting Tournaments is a great way to engage with gamer audiences, specially in the case of streamers, so we’re looking forward to see what sort of events Neri’s Custodians will run in the months to come.


After some months working on the technical aspects of the game, we’re finally in the last stages of development of our 6th game. The beta testing phase will begin during this Quarter during which owners of the Early Pass will get exclusive access to the game.

With this game we are exploring the territory that lies beyond “classic” Play2Earn. We want to move away from a scenario where players can only act as token drainers, to a new one where they can create value and get rewarded not just by performing numbing chores.

This time, besides the game, we will also offer players the chance of becoming level creators. The custom levels they’ll create will be minted as NFTs and will join the pool of levels. Thanks to the addition of these new player-edited levels the game will receive new content recurrently. Besides, new items and traps will be released periodically, so the game mechanics will keep expanding.

While the core game is based on PacMan, that’s just the starting canvas. After the first batch of tools and traps we will add new elements from Bomberman, Sokoban games, puzzle games, or even dungeon crawlers. We hope that with this super flexible tool, level creators will be able to create astonishing mazes that go beyond our expectations.

Game on, friendos!

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