The brand-new SHOP section is available on our web, where you can find exclusive NFTs.

2 min readJun 21, 2022

Weekly sales in LUDIO

With our new in-game SHOP, we’re moving forward to bring more utility to our tokens and making recurring sales is the next step in our way to improve our tokenomics, making the project more sustainable and attractive. This new section will bring weekly sales of exclusive NFTs which will be purchased with our tokens, Ludio will be the most typical currency but from time to time we’ll use Carbz and Jigowatts as well.

Exclusive NFTs

The NFTs in the SHOP will be updated every week and the available supply may vary from one item to another, according to its own rarity and functionality inside ClashDome. In the shop, you’ll find different kinds of NFTs. Mainly, you’ll be able to purchase exclusive cosmetic NFTs for ClashDome such as pool cues for Rug Pool, alternate soundtracks for RingyDingy, decoration objects for your Citizen’s apartment…

Also, you will find a combination of cosmetic and utility NFTs like the future Rug Pool Halls that will make you earn tokens every time someone plays on your Pool Hall and adds a cool aspect to your game plays.

More LUDIO utilities

The SHOP will bring more utilities to our main token and also strengthen our tokenomics. With regular sales using Ludio we expect a relevant, and recurring burning mechanism that helps the global economy. It’s not simply the item being sold each week, but also giving reasons for Ludio holders to hold a bag of Ludio just in case there’s a big deal showing up.

The ClashDome’s tokens utilities so far are:

  • 🃏 NFT Sales
    •🍄 Tactical boosters
    •↪️ Watching replays
    •💅 Customizing profile
    •⚒️ Mining tools craft

Final thoughts

To recap, the SHOP is another step forward towards creating a more complete gaming portal with solid tokenomics. With features like this, ClashDome will become attractive to user profiles with different approaches to NFT gaming, from the pure gamer to the investor profile.

You’d better start stacking Ludio or you’ll spend the rest of your life playing Rug Pool with that lame default cue. And if you missed the opportunity to get your Zapper cue don’t be sad, even though I work here, I missed mine too. Hope you’ll be faster than me the next time.

All aboard for sales!!!

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