While we’re developing our 6th game, we took the chance to keep adding more features to the portal. In this article we’ll cover those of which are related to Tokenomics and the financial side of ClashDome.

4 min readOct 12, 2022

A brand new Exchange section

In the new EXCHANGE section, (inside the HUB) you can currently find a Token Swap function and a Staking Program.

The Token Swap was a long time request from our players. Every time players need to recharge their Batteries or restore their Stamina, they can simply swap between our three tokens (Ludio, Carbz and Jigowatts) in the Exchange section, making the whole process much more convenient and agile instead of having to visit external exchanges like Taco or Alcor. While the interface is integrated on our site, the logic behind it keeps working on the established Liquidity Pools, keeping an updated exchange rate and slippage.

On the other hand, we recently launched the ClashDome Staking Program. In this earning program users get rewarded simply by staking any of our tokens. In few steps you can stake your tokens and choose your staking duration with different APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

  • 7 days Stake — 5% APY
  • 14 days Stake — 7% APY
  • 28 days Stake — 10% APY

Offering a staking program will help stabilizing the tokens’ value, creating more incentives for our players to hold on to their assets.

A rewarded WAX/Ludio Liquidity Pool

We’ have partnered with Taco Swap to create a rewarded Liquidity Pool (M.E.A.L. program). Users can provide liquidity to the WAX/LUDIO pool to join this program. During the initial 30 day reward program it will distribute 500 daily Ludio among the Liquidity Pool participants + 5 Taco. To reward the top Liquidity Pool participants (more than 1000 WAXP staked), we’ll airdrop among them some special NFTs by the end of the period.

Soon, the Taco rewarded LP program will be integrated in the Exchange section so everyone can add funds or claim rewards without having to leave the ClashDome portal.

ClashDome aims to become a blockchain project enjoyable for a broad audience, that’s why we build features appealing for different profiles of users in the NFT gaming ecosystem. The Exchange section helps us in developing the passive earning aspect of the project, while also providing more stability for the tokens.

Redesigning the SHOP

A relevant part of ClashDome’s Tokenomics are the regular sales and crafts available in the SHOP. This last month we rolled out two improvements for our Shop: using the secondary tokens as the sales’ currency and improving the portfolio of our NFT collection.

We had a sale of a Rug Pool Cue NFT but unlike previous sales this time we used Carbz instead of Ludio. This might look like a small change but it opens the door to a more flexible approach to our token management that will add new utilities for Carbz and Jigowatts.

The second improvement in the Shop section is the display of all ClashDome’s NFTs with links to secondary markets. With a quick glimpse you can easily get an overall picture of our NFTs and their main characteristics. With this layout it’s easy to compare the performance of a Hi-Clone Citizen versus a Pleb, a Mini Vending Machine and a Maxi Vending Machine, and more importantly it can help you compare the different passive earning NFTs (Endless Siege Lands and Rug Pool Halls). Now it’s easy to compare the yield of each Land and Hall and find the best performing NFTs.

These are currently the top Lands and Halls. Click to enlarge image.

The new layout of the Shop renders useless the NFT section, which will soon be removed, and it helps users doing their own research and understand the relevant aspects the ClashDome NFT collection.

We hope you enjoy making yourself cozy at home and contribute extending a more personal touch across the ClashDome platform.

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Game on, friendos!