In our new Level Design Contest for The Maze you can design your custom Mazes, submit your levels to our biweekly Contest and let players rate how fun they are. Levels will be sorted based on their popularity, and by the end of the contest, designers will earn WAXP according to their ranking position.

4 min readJul 18, 2023

*This article has been edited to match the last changes. In the first version we used an NFT to identify which players could submit their custom levels, but currently, everyone can push their entries in the contest.

The Maze: are you a Player or a Content Creator?

The Maze is one of the latest games added to ClashDome, and the first one you can enjoy from two different perspectives: as a player and as a Level Designer.

Whether if you play as a Trial Dummy or a legit Citizen, you can earn some Ludio with each Victory you grind, and also other rewards called Wisps, which we’ll discuss later.

You can as well enjoy the game from a content creator’s perspective, by designing custom levels and letting regular players judge your creation.

Wanna see the game’s possibilities? Check some levels of the game here:

Design a custom Maze

Choose the Level Editor option in the Maze title screen. Even if you don’t submit a level for the Level Design Contest, you can test this feature and see for yourself if creating engaging levels is something you’re actually good at and enjoy.

The role of Wisps

You can draw corridors in your Mazes freely. On the other hand, when you add traps, enemies, power-ups and items you will consume Wisps from your online balance. The items you add will consume a certain amount of Red, Green, Yellow and Blue Wisps.

This is how you can get Wisps:

  • By playing our games. Most Victories will reward you with Ludio, and from time to time you will earn Wisps too.
  • You can get them from secondary markets.
  • You can buy 10 Wisp Packs from ClashDome.

10 Wisp Packs

The quality probability of the Wisps contained in these packs is more favorable than the drop rate you’ll have when earning by playing.

The current prize of these packs is 25 WAXP, but the amount and tokens used is subject to changes in the future.

90% of the tokens used to buy these packs will be added to the current contest prize pot, meaning that it will be redistributed among the Level creators.

Submitting your level entry to the Level Design Contest

Once you’re happy with the design, simply submit your entry. At this point the Wisps your design requires will be subtracted from your current Wisp Balance. If you’re missing some spare Wisps you can opt to get them from Secondary Markets, or getting a pack and then sell out the Wisps you don’t need.

Please note that in order to use Wisps for your design, you’ll use the ones you have on your online Wisp balance. Wisps you have as NFTs (from packs or secondary markets) must be equipped inside the game to increase your balance.
⚠️Wisps in the online balance can’t be converted back to Wisp NFTs.

Once you submit your level, it will be playable for everyone during the current biweekly contest.

Ranking up and claiming rewards

Players will randomly play matches in any of the submitted levels. After they play on a certain map they will be requested to rate the experience. They’ll use a 5 star rating system to classify the levels. All submitted levels will be featured on this ranking, sorted by their ratings.

For levels to enter in earning positions they simply have to meet 2 requirements:

  • Having received 5 votes or more.
  • Scoring more than 2 stars. This threshold is set to ensure a minimum quality from levels.

When the current contest timer ends, Level Designers can go to the Maze Management page and claim their winnings from the section My Mazes.

Future editions

The available game mechanics (items, power-ups and enemies) are planned to keep expanding in the coming months. The goal is to have certain variety on each biweekly contest, so the contest always offers a new challenge for Level Designers and there’s fresh content for players.

Game on, Friendos!

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