ClashDome strives to build a community of players that can leverage their gaming skills. We love competition around games but this time we also want to create a window of opportunity for passive-income lovers to join the ClashDome experience.

Our first utility NFT sale (7th of July — 5pm CEST (8am PST)) will be the take off of our campaign Landlords ❤️ Necromancers. These packs contain Endless Siege Duels lands, a unique chance for ClashDome new and old supporters to participate in our community from a different perspective.

Total number of packs: 950
Packs available for whitelisted sale: 200
Whitelisted price: 20$ (equivalent in WAX)
Whitelist sale starts at: 5pm CEST (8am PST)
Packs available for open sale: 710
Open sale price: 25$ (equivalent in WAX)
Open sale starts at: 6pm CEST (9am PST)
Packs put aside: 40
Cards per pack: 1
Number of maps: 39
Rarities: 4

LUDIO ⚔️ the ClashDome token

As you may already know, ClashDome issues a native token in its games as a reward for players. Currently, our active players can get it on every play on Duels mode and also when unlocking Achievements on both Tournaments and Duels mode. You can get more info about LUDIO in this older article.

Invaders, strategists, landlords & necromancers

The territories of Endless Siege’s world are frequently raided by hordes of orc invaders. Luckily, players in their strategist role deal with those attacks and ensure a prosperous lifestyle within the castle walls. At least as prosperous as an endless siege indulges.

Until now, the piles of orc bodies were gathered and burned in pyres by the villagers, but most recently, the flocks of crows got the attention of a series of necromancers. Who would have guessed based on their treacherous and evil appearance that these guys would be such a charming folks? They were so interested on helping villagers getting rid of the carrion that they were willing to pay for each collected body. Ain’t that lovely, and totally not-shady?

Token generation — exchange rate

Each Endless Siege Duel will match two players so they defend the same territory from orc invaders. Besides playing on the same map and facing the same orc waves, the match-making system will consider the players’ track of previous victories and losses.

tHeChAmP_20811106 tries really hard beating VAN-galter… Not in your wildest dreams, sucker.

During their play, both contenders will slaughter as many orcs as possible. They will earn a fixed amount of LUDIO depending on who obtains the highest score. On the other hand, the variable amount of orc casualties will be recorded and its ownership will be transferred to the land owner.

Each of the 40 different maps featured in Endless Siege Duels has a different amount of co-owners depending on the land rarity. The number of dead orcs on each land will be subsequently divided among its co-owners.

Here below are some estimations based on the average data of the last 3 weeks (June 2021). This data offers a snapshot of an early stage of the project and a relevant growth is expected in the mid-term as the project unfolds and expands.

Estimation based on our current average daily numbers (85 duels, 170 plays, 595k daily orc casualties).

In a first stage we will issue LUDIO at a rate of 25 Orcs =1 LUDIO. Once the daily killed orcs reach the mark of 10M the rate will be increased to 50 Orcs = 1 LUDIO. After hitting the mark of 100M we will increase it again to 150 = 1. Check all the technical details on our smart contract (soon to be updated).

With this token allocation system we want to keep under control the LUDIO inflation while making landlords participant of ClashDome’s progress as a blockchain game portal.

Land management

Landlords will be able to manage their lands and open their packs in ClashDome > Endless Siege > Land Management.

Right next to each owned land, you can see the amount of dead orcs on that land since the last claim, as well as their equivalent in LUDIO. This amount of collected orcs is tied to the NFT, so lands can be traded along with their uncollected orcs if they weren’t claimed yet.

This section will incorporate future use cases for the lands, so landowners can decide wether to participate in a more active way. By doing so they will ad value to the community but also increase their profits!

Whitelist sale

You can check the whitelisted accounts that will get access to the first sale (200 packs for 200 accounts) here: http://shorturl.at/acpJL.
In this whitelist there’s some of our most recurring players in the last 3 months, but also some people that will be part of our in the promo campaign. For the people that didn’t make it this time, we will improve our whitelisting process in next sales so all the people genuinely interested in the project can get their stuff.

Good luck in the open sale, at 6pm CEST (9am PST) and remember to use Anchor Wallet if you want to have better chances!

Future expansions

Endless Siege’s Landlords ❤️ Necromancers is just the starting scenario for many new things coming to ClashDome and Endless Siege. Map customization, cooperative challenges, private URLs, and a most generous invitation for casual players to join ClashDome 😉. Every month we’ll have new features added to ClashDome.

We’re looking forward to meeting you on a mountaintop of orc bodies!


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