In the next weeks we will sell three different tiers Amnio-Tanks, containing customizable Citizens that will become a key piece in the future of ClashDome.


There are three tiers for ClashDome Citizens. Besides multiple rarities, and some visual differences (the higher the tier, the more options you’ll have) there are some additional perks depending on their breed detailed in the Utility section.

Don’t let that cute face trick you. When these fetuses are grown-up Citizens they’ll become merciless gamers!


You will be able to unpack and edit your citizen from its corresponding “Edition Activated day”.


In the following days after the Amnio-Tanks sale we will enable gradually the access to the pack opening, which implies the customization of your Citizen. There’s no particular rush to mint the Citizens, since all of them are mint #1s. Just take your time finding the best combination for your character. If by any chance the exact selection of traits has been already minted, you’ll be requested to change some details, since no 2 Citizens can look the same. Luckily odds are on your side. The amount of possible combinations is way beyond a decillion outcomes, so there’s no reason to freak out.

By distributing the load of Citizen minting we will ensure the capacity of our server and smart contracts to manage the huge activity this implies.


Although there are more planned utilities for Citizens in the future (like using them on some of our games) these are the most immediate.

ClashDome Citizens have access to all arcade games for free and earn Ludio in the process. Ludio’s mining rate will be adjusted as the current Candy Fiesta’s Achievement cards will be disabled and so the rewards for playing Endless Siege Duels. The token Ludio will have new added crafting utilities as ClashDome “Grinders” is released during November.

Citizens will be able to play on Arcades for free. That’s what a ClashDome Citizen does for a living after all…

Token Airdrops. As we introduce ClashDome “Grinders” (temporary naming), we will drop two new tokens (different amounts depending on your Citizen’s breed) to all the people that have edited their Amnio-Tanks and already have their ClashDome Citizen.

Citizen breeds will also play a role in the chances of getting Tourney Passes NFTs when playing Duels. We will provide the exact luck impact as the new Tournament format is activated.


On top of the Amnio-Tanks that will be sold, 10 additional Amnio-Tanks were distributed among the winners of a Early Tester competition on ClashDome, 8 more were for the ClashDome staff, and a bunch more will be distributed among our collaborators to help the promo campaign.

🤔 Any doubts about the sales or the Citizens? Leave your comments on Discord or even here on Medium so we can edit the article including more details.

📨 You can also reach us by joining our DISCORD server or following us on TWITTER!



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