Playing against random dudes is fun, but challenging your friends will be more engaging. Here’s is how the Challenge system works.

3 min readJan 23, 2023


Challenges are PvP Duels where Citizens and Trial Dummies play not against random players but against their Friendos. Each player pays some WAXP or Jigowatts (4 different Tiers) and the winner earns the double amount of tokens (deducting a 5% fee in WAXP Challenges and 30% in Jigowatts Challenges).

Choose a Tier (150, 10, 25 or 50) and play with your Friendos any of our games.


1- Become Friendo of a player (costs 100 Jigowatts)
2- Visit your Friendo’s Apartment, choose your game and Tier and send a Challenge Request. You will pay your entry fee at this moment.
3- When your Friendo answers your Challenge (you will receive a notification in the Duels section) you’ll be able to play your game.
4- If you win the match you can check the result and claim your rewards in the Duels section.

If you are the one receiving a Challenge you’ll see a notification in the Duels section (Hub > Duels). From there you can chose to Decline or Accept it.


If you don’t want to challenge any particular Friendo, you can also send a Group Challenge to all of them at once. To do this, simply click on the Group Challenge button in your Friendos’ list. You will play your match against whoever answers your Challenge first.

Challenge all of them at once!


You can play with your Friendos in real-time and see their score while you are playing. You can check which Friendos are currently online to send them a Challenge.

Players that are currently online are marked with a green dot


Whitelist: You can manage your Friendo List as some sort of Whitelist and remove players that you no longer want to keep there.

Fairness: Both you and your opponent share the same Random Seed, which means no one will get more favorable odds.

Play immediately: Some players might want to play their game right after they sent the Challenge. Unfortunately for them we disabled that option. You can’t play the Challenge you sent until it’s accepted by the rival. The reason to do this is simply to avoid players wasting their time playing a Challenge that might get declined.

One of the cool thing about games is connecting with people. We hope you enjoy taking this chance to have some fun with your real-life Friendos and make some new ones on-line.

Game on, friendos!

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