The Citizens’ apartment in the gaming Hub section plays a special role in our portal. With the soon-to-be-released Friendos feature, challenges and tourneys, these apartments will gain more exposure, so it’s a perfect moment to make them look gorgeous.

Distribution of decorative items

  • Weekly sales in our shop. The items sold in these weekly occasions will be quite limited and exclusive in most cases.
  • Crafting. Some items will be more common and their availability will last over longer periods of time. In this case, you’ll be able to find them as craftable items in the lower part of our shop.
  • Weekly Challenge rewards. Each week we set up a gaming competition. We try to offer a varied palette of prizes among which you can get some decorative items. These competitions are skill-based but do not dismay if you aren’t a particularly good player. Sometimes you can also earn them simply by participating.
  • Social media events. Stay tuned to our Twitter profile and Discord server. Wether it’s us or via our collaborators, we will give away exclusive stuff to people who engage with our events.
  • Decoration items packs. To speed up the distribution of items and allowing Citizens to have a fully customized apartment sooner we will create packs with items from time to time. These packs aren’t meant to be an immediate sold-out, but more like something that’s craftable during some time, so you can spend your spare Ludio every now and then.
  • Weekly Ranking rewards. Once we’re done with the challenging Friendos feature, we’ll prepare rewards for people that participate in the weekly ranking. Earning these items won’t be easy, so owning them will have a status factor. Showing off this stuff in your apartment might get you laid! Just sayin’…

Types of decoration

  • Decorative item. The stuff you place on your apartment. It’s purely cosmetic, but you know… things like these turn a house into a home.
  • Decorative feature. Helps with the decoration but can’t be considered as an item. Eg. An NFT that allows editing the color of floors and walls.
  • Cosmetic accessory. These NFTs will be equipped like a patch on top of your Citizen, displacing the original trait your character had. E.g. a new t-shirt or a holo-hat. The Citizen NFT won’t be altered with these accessories.
  • Gamer trinkets. These decorative items will be displayed on your apartment just like regular items but will also play a role on your matches by unlocking assistant features. E.g. A Maneki-Neko figurine that highlights all the possible combinations in the Candy Fiesta board. Thanks to these, you’ll get a notion of which kind of player a certain apartment owner is just by noticing the stuff around.

Sets of items

The OG Poster. Feels good to be a Living Legend.
If you look inside the arcade’s guts you may find a dust mite spa.
Fans turn into stalkers, stalkers into worshippers, and a new Cult is born, yay!
The Mermaid Badge spritzes a sea-scented air freshener that will make your apartment smell even funnier.

Who’s gonna notice how cool my apartment is anyhow?

Game on, friendos!



Competitive casual games on the WAX blockchain. www.clashdome.io

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