Learn how you can earn some LUDIO by playing our games at your own pace.

2 min readJul 10, 2021

The big picture for the ClashDome ecosystem and its unique Play to Earn model is slowly taking shape. On one side, passive members will find their place thanks to tools that allow them to participate in the ClashDome experience at their own pace, getting benefits but also generating value to the community. On the other side, active players will be able to earn LUDIO thanks to their skills and also thanks to their perseverance. Achievements cards are one of those tools designed to ease the learning curve of newcomers, so they can start earning LUDIO independently of how good their results are.

Candy Fiesta was the first game including Achievements.

The first of our games in receiving the Achievements Card was Candy Fiesta. In the coming weeks, Templok and in a later stage Endless Siege will start featuring their own set of achievements as well.

Achievements cards are non-transferable NFTs that help us keeping track of the players’ progress. We want these tokens to be an actual indication of their owners’ story, not a piece to flip. That’s the main reason to make them non-transferable.

You can always check your progress on our site, but also on your NFT. All that progress info is saved in the mutable data of the Achievements Card.


There are several events tracked during a match in Candy Fiesta linked to specific achievements. Some of them will be easily obtainable and others will be more elusive.

Each achievement will have 6+1 levels of depth and they were designed so players could unlock them with a certain frequency.

Once you finish your card. You can burn it and start all over again. But it would be cool if you let us know on our Telegram group or Twitter 😄