Get your Citizen NFT and join ClashDome’s arcades P2E. Play our games for free and earn 3 different tokens.


In the next weeks we will sell three different tiers Amnio-Tanks, containing customizable Citizens that will become a key piece in the future of ClashDome.


Don’t let that cute face trick you. When these fetuses are grown-up Citizens they’ll become merciless gamers!

ClashDome Citizen NFTs will be released in the next weeks and will be a pivotal piece of the portal.

Before scaling and moving into the next stage of the project we had to fix some underlying issues. This is a report of the latest tasks we’ve been fulfilling.


Get your Early Access pass to try out our new games before they are released. Play them for free and collect Ludio in the process!

The work during this quarter will focus on releasing some of the LUDIO utilities we have developed, stabilize the platform, and publish more games and features.

Learn how you can earn some LUDIO by playing our games at your own pace.

ClashDome strives to build a community of players that can leverage their gaming skills. We love competition around games but this time we also want to create a window of opportunity for passive-income lovers to join the ClashDome experience.


Competitive casual games in WAX blockchain.

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