3 min readDec 23, 2022

We’ve been so busy during the 4th Quarter we haven’t had time to push a proper Medium update until now, so in this occasion we’ll appreciate our last milestones in hindsight.

Apartment Customization and free edit mode

In the last days of August we started releasing ornaments for the Citizens’ apartments on a weekly basis. The edit mode that allows free positioning of items would still take 2 extra months to be released so in the first weeks we were forced to publish mostly items for the walls.

Our co-citizen Banana Dan was diagnosed with Horror Vacui (fear of empty spaces) by an amateur shrink.

To promote more variety in apartments and thanks to the possibilities of the recently released edit mode we will release in the coming days the first decoration pack (fully sold in Ludio).

The goal with this pack is not making an instant sell-out but having a slow-burn mechanic to sink Ludio that also leads to more varied apartments.

Decorate 2 Earn

In this new context where apartments can look so different, it makes total sense to start rating them, getting rewarded for the votes you get, but also for voting for other player’s apartments. This vote request will happen once per week.

Voting 5 apartments — 10 Ludio
Getting 1⭐ votes — 0 Ludio
Getting 2⭐ votes — 5 Ludio
Getting 3⭐ votes — 10 Ludio
Getting 4⭐ votes — 15 Ludio
Getting 5 ⭐ votes — 20 Ludio

Friendo Challenges (WAX Duels are back!)

Setting up the Friendo Challenges (AKA private Duels) took us more time than planned. It was originally scheduled for Q3 but now we’re in the first days of its Beta testing phase.

Now you can become Friendos with your family, friends and ClashDome’s WAXfam. Once you are Friendo with someone you can visit their apartment and send them a Challenge. Challenges are the private version of our classic WAX Duels where you and your Friendo pay an entry fee and the winner takes it all (minus ClashDome’s fee).

Here you can check the initial set of tiers, with their entry fee and the reward winners get.

Tiers will be dynamically adjusted to the value of WAX, but the starting set of Tiers are 10, 25 and 50 WAX. In these Tiers ClashDome’s fee is set to 5%. The Jigowatts Tier is meant to be an affordable way to play with your Friendos (approx 0.03 USD per Challenge), but ClashDome’s fee in this case is set to 30% to improve the tokenomics.

The results you get in Challenges won’t affect your winning rates. The Weekly Ranking will only consider the results you get playing in the Free Tier.

We keep improving the portal

Although the web improvements que keep making are less relevant than the previous points, they are still important. In these last months we have worked on:

  • Removing outdated sections (NFTs)
  • Relocating content (in Shop and Management) to make a simpler structure
  • The Exchange section, including al the functionalities of Taco’s LUDIO/WAX rewarded liquidity pool.
  • The new Duel Results section, with a more cohesive layout, where you will be able to easily browse in your latest activity, claim your earnings, and manage your Challenges.

The next quarterly report will be published in the first couple of weeks of January, and we’ll be able to share more details about the 6th game’s development and the collaboration we’re having with a top project. Until then…

Game on, friendos!

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