We just released the Beta version of the Maze so it’s time to share some concept ideas and mechanics about the game.

4 min readMar 22



As the most observant web3 gamers may have realized, Click-to-Earn games are about as sustainable as an algorithmic stablecoin designed by a chimp.
On the other hand, on Play-to-Earn games the focus is set on profit rather than genuine enjoyment, so the tokenomics end up being a subtractive spiral of death where there is no meaningful utility for the native token.

In the Maze we pay as much importance to playing the game than to the design of new levels.

In our quest for innovative blockchain gaming mechanics and sustainable tokenomic models we’ve decided to tip the scales in favor of those who contribute value to the Dome ecosystem. Introducing: Creators First (AKA Create-to-Earn).


In our new game (the Maze) you won’t be restricted to your role as a gamer, but you’ll also be able to unleash your inner game designer. And here’s the kicker: your level will be judged by the toughest critics in the biz — your fellow gamers. The better rated your level is, the bigger the rewards for you as the creator.

If players can only be token miners, there isn’t much value being added to the system besides the liquidity they provide. On the other side, if players contribute to the community by engaging with each other and creating new amazing content, the result is a more sustainable ecosystem. Players will become content creators, who will be rewarded for their creativity and ingenuity. Getting paid for generating value? Now, that sounds more reasonable than getting paid for clicking a button.


The MAZE level editor is built like a giant Lego toolset with a basic set of tools to start from. And just like Lego, the possibilities are endless. We will keep expanding and regularly adding new elements and gameplay mechanics to keep things fresh and exciting. So while we will start simple with a PacMan-like game, the possibilities ahead of us are unpredictable, only limited by the imagination of ClashDome Citizens.

Design your level, test it, mint it as NFT. If players don’t like it you can redesign it and re-mint it.

The top-down view gameplay of PacMan is compatible with mechanics from different game genres like: BomberMan, Sokoban, Dungeon Crawlers, Tactical games, Puzzles... Take all those as hints of the upcoming new resources that will be added to the Maze.


Level creators can earn Ludio by editing levels and minting them as NFTs. Every time a player plays a level, the owner of that level’s NFT (not necessarily the original creator) will receive Ludio in their Holo-Piggy Wallet. Levels will be added to a pool that rotates randomly for players to play. After playing a level in the Maze, players will have the opportunity to rate the level using a five-star system. These ratings will be used to determine the quality of the level and will play a role in determining how often the level appears in the game. The better rated a level is, the more likely it is to appear in the rotation. This means that players who create high-quality levels will be rewarded with more exposure and potentially more earnings.

Was it fun to play this level? Rate it accordingly to promote it or send it into oblivion.


When we released our Citizens, it was the first time a user-customized character was dynamically minted as an NFT. Now, with our new game levels, we are once again pushing forward the creative use of NFTs. This will be the first time a user-created level is dynamically minted.
NFTs can be an empowering tool for creative users, so it’s about time to ditch the idea that NFTs are just overpriced JPEGs.

Bots are a recurring problem in Web3 ecosystems. They excel at competitive games and outperform human users in click-to-earn projects. There is no true value in fake users that do not have invested real people behind them. However, with this new approach where users create game content, having creative bots around (assuming they can rise to the challenge) is not a big issue anymore. Bots that subtract value from the ecosystem are problematic, but bots that generate enjoyable content for other users can enable a sustainable coexistence.

It’s time to shift the focus from pointless subtractive token-mining systems to providing tools that help build and contribute to the Dome. So, if you’re tired of autopilot grinding on Ponzinomic games, come join us in exploring Web3 games’ true potential. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us over Discord to share your expectations and hopes for this game.

Game on, Friendos!

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